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Pet Cremation

   Your pet has always been part of your family. At this time of deep loss, Cremation Services of West Hawaii understands the respect and dignity you want to show for your departed family member.

Pet Cremation Prices

   Prices are effective September 1, 2018 and are subject to change without notice. Prices are for drop-off and pick-up at our facility.


Private Cremation

This service is available to those pet owners who want their pet cremated individually.
Less than 180 lbs $500.00
Over 180 lbs $500.00 plus $2 per lb up to 400lbs

Separate Cremation

   In this procedure, a division system is used to keep pets separated during cremation. Pet owners will receive their pet's cremated remains.
0 to 10 lbs $150.00
11 to 25 lbs         $180.00
26 to 50 lbs         $210.00
51 to 75 lbs            $240.00
76 to 110 lbs        $270.00
111 to 150 lbs     $300.00
151 to 180 lbs     $400.00
181 to 400 lbs     $500.00


Communal Cremation

   This service is provided as a humane means of final disposition. Pets are cremated in groups. Cremated remains are not returned to pet owners.

0 to 10 lbs $30 (Minimum Charge)
Over 10 lbs will be $3 per lb

Pet Forms

Fillable Pet Cremation Authorization

We Provide The Following Services

Care and Refrigeration of your pet
Cremation Performed by a Certified Technician
Cremations performed at our facility in Kona.
Complimentary Wood Urn.
(There are some exclusions to the types of pets we cremate)


All Prices are subject to Hawaii's State General Excise Tax of 4.166%